Adopts three sets of substrate to place rollers

respectively, metal bearing rollers (diameter of 19 mm); Nylon bearing roller (diameter 25 mm); Plastic bearing roller (diameter 50mm) can be changed according to the user's needs. Main frame and accessory frame can be installed with three rollers.

The bearing mounting bracket is directly fixed in the hole of the aluminum bar mounting strip. It can move up to 110 mm according to the width of the substrate; 4 additional mounting frames, remove the bearings of the original mounting frame and fix the additional mounting frames on the main mounting frame directly with screws. It is mainly used for printing conical products. Additional mounting frame can move up and down 20 mm.

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The screen frame with a special handle directly fixed on the screen frame

Two installation methods, it can be installed in the upper part of the screen frame

It also can be installed on the side of the screen plate,it is easy to push and pull from left to right, the handle can be arbitrarily fixed in any part of the screen frame, the upper red handle and the front baffle fixed screen plate, to ensure that the screen plate firmly fixed on the handle. The handle fits various mesh frames within a thickness and width of 40mm.

Squeegee rack use self-tapping fixed wooden handle scraper

It is suitable for the length of less than 200 mm wood handle scraper

The screen plate movement distance positioning; Both ends of the two optical shafts are equipped with positioning rings and anti-impact rubber rings. The positioning rings are adjusted front and rear according to the pattern size to reach the appropriate position. Anti-impact apron can be placed between the metal collision issued by the abnormal sound, to protect the machine parts.

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Adjust the position of the substrate printing frame and roller bearing
Place the substrate, and the spacing between the top of the substrate and the screen plate is 1-3 mm; And make the substrate the top and the bottom of the scraper aligned;